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Who are we?

We are a team of people passionate about mental health.

Having our own experiences of workplaces that simply "tick a box" with regards to the wellbeing of staff - we are on a mission to affect change wherever we possibly can.

We believe that Mental Wellbeing should be woven into the fabric of your organisation.

With unreliable and lengthy wait times for mental health support in our everyday life, shouldn't work be somewhere we feel safe, valued and supported?

We especially understand that small to medium sized businesses may not have the resources to do everything that they want to do given the cost of living pressures we face - we can be there for you!

Contact us to see how we can help you create a mentally well workplace. 

Support the supporters.


Mental Health First Aid Training

We deliver a wide range of Mental Health First Aid Courses

Whether its in person or online, for individuals or for businesses we can support you.  

These courses provide:

*  A real-life understanding of mental health and mental ill-health, increasing mental health literacy. *  Skills to help people recognise declining levels of wellbeing in themselves or others.
*  Confidence in recognising a range of mental health conditions and concerns. 
*  Confidence in approaching someone for help or offering help to others in the form of an action plan.
*  Practical, real-life ways to help people.
*  The foundations for reducing stigma and empowering individual mindset shifts

Ongoing Support for your business, including Mental Health First Aid "supervision" ensures ongoing support and networking opportunities.

Mentally Healthy Workplaces

Don't just tick a box

In line with HSE recommendations,  we provide:

Assessment, scope, design, implementation integration and ongoing support of mental health and wellbeing policies and procedures into your business. 

50% of employees have experienced at least one characteristic of burn out due to greater job demands and expectations, lack of social interaction and lack of boundaries between work and home life - Deloitte UK Mental Health Report (2022)

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